Does your mother live at your place?

If she does, she probably does a great job of picking up after you. But we’re willing to bet that she has better things to do. This leaves you with three alternatives:

  1. Put up with a dirty home.
  2. Spend your precious free time cleaning.
  3. Hire professionals.

If you opt for number 3, we’d like to recommend ourselves as the pros. What makes us different? Well, for starters, we’re motivated by relationships – to nurture the ones we have, both internal (that means us) and external (that means you), the pursuit of healthy new ones, and to manifest a positive impact while doing it.

People first

Our “people first” mandate means that we don’t prey on minimum wage workers. We value our staff as the foundation of our success, and pay them well for their efforts. As a result, they tend to stick around, and get to know you, and your cleaning requirements, very well. It also means that we respect you enough to not take on any work we don’t think we can complete to your expectations, or will put our team members in harm’s way. We’d rather walk away than break a promise.


We work hard to keep the same specialists at your home, and they come to understand your requirements very well. You can make specific requests of your crew – they are immediately responsive to every request – and they can apprise you of any problems or concerns.

Low impact

Wherever possible we use Green Seal Certified, earth-friendly products, recycle what we can, and manage our waste carefully.


We customize our cleaning service based upon your needs, and don’t try to fit you into a predetermined package.


Value is not another word for “cheap”. It means we deliver service at a level that exceeds your expectations for the money you invest, and, along with trust, is the cornerstone of every long-term relationship.


Our staff undergo a background check before they join the ZOOM! team. They are insured, bonded, and covered by WCB to protect you and your property in the unlikely event of a mishap.

Attention to detail

We have an eye for the small stuff. There’s nothing we like to hear more than the comment “Wow, they even cleaned that!”.

We believe “clean” should be shared.

Every month we offer up two of our talented Home Cleaning Technicians to clean the home of a family in need in the Langley, Surrey, Aldergrove or White Rock area, for free.

Your Mom would be proud.