Our People. Our Pride.

When you secure the services of ZOOM! Home Cleaning Experts, you can rest assured that you won’t be visited by nameless minimum-wage workers. We recognize that our staff are the foundation of our success, and choose to invest in quality people of good character who love to clean. We treat our team members with respect and remunerate them well for their efforts, and as a result we enjoy low employee turnover. This means our staff get to know you, and your cleaning expectations, very well.

This ultimately results in a win/win/win for our clients, our team members and our business. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

We affectionately refer to our team members as “Lionesses” (and newbies as “Cubs”). This was an idea that germinated within the team – instead of being imposed upon them by management – and came about as the result of an exploratory, team-building exercise.

Our team members were asked what animal they felt they most identified with and best represented them. After a few suggestions, one team member mentioned a lioness… and it galvanized the group. There was immediate consensus, followed by excited chatter about some of the admirable traits of a lioness:

Fierce.  Protective.  Loyal.  Brave.  Provider.  Team Player.  Diligent.

These traits are mirrored in the lives of the diverse, eclectic team members who have made ZOOM! what it is today; the comparison is both accurate and appropriate. The team has embraced the “Lioness” notion, and they take pride in being part of the “Pride”.

We’d like you to meet some of the Lionesses who help make ZOOM! magic happen:

Ali – Service Manager

“Hi, I’m Ali. I am a mother of 2 (a daughter and a son) and a stepmom of 2 (daughters). I’m very family- and kid-oriented, and love singing and art. I enjoy helping people and making them feel good. I love growing with the crew at ZOOM! and getting to know our clients!”

Natalja – Training & Development Manager

“Hi , I’m Natalja! I’m married and the mother of 3 beautiful boys, they keep me busy every day. I love the summer season and spending free time with my family on the beach. I really enjoy working for Zoom because everyone is so friendly, and I have never had such great co-workers in my life!”

Natalie – Senior Trainer

“Hi I’m Natalie! I’m a single mother of two, so my life is always on the go and cleaning has always followed! Working for ZOOM has helped me in so many ways… from the flexible schedule to feeling appreciated. I feel like my voice is heard and my work ethic is acknowledged on a daily basis, not only by management but by our dear customers as well. In one year I’ve worked my way up the ladder to Senior Trainer and I’m so happy in my position here at ZOOM!”

Bonny – Team Leader

“Hi I’m Bonny, I am a mother of 2 sons . I enjoy gardening and I love animals. I love working at ZOOM… it’s who I get to work with that makes it enjoyable everyday!”

Alyssa – Team Leader

“Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am a mom to three boys. I enjoy spending quality time outdoors with my family. I am thankful to work with such a friendly team here at ZOOM!”

Abbygale – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Abbygale!”

Brook – Team Leader

“Hi I’m Brook! I’m a mother to my three cats, I enjoy working with such a friendly team and enjoy helping other people keep their homes and spaces clean!”

Lidia – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Lidia! I enjoy working at ZOOM because it gives me the opportunity to help other people keep their spaces clean, and enjoy the cleanliness of their homes or office spaces.”

Hannah – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi my name is Hannah, I’m a mother to my cat Milo, I’m in Vet Assistant school part time, when I’m not at school or studying I’m working for ZOOM!”

Mackenzie – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Mackenzie!”

Marietta – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Marietta!”

Diane – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Diane!”

Crystal – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Crystal!”

Marisa – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi! I’m Marisa & I’m a married mother of two. For as long as I can remember, I have always thrived off of helping others. Whether I’m donating blood or trying to help the less fortunate, I’m always trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is so important to always be kind, as you never know what someone else might be going through in their life. Working for Zoom! has made a huge positive impact on my mental health. I must say, it is SO nice to finally feel appreciated & cared for in my work environment. At ZOOM, care is the #1 priority, and that includes regular check-ins with the staff to make sure everyone is happy, healthy, & comfortable. Thank you Martin & Lioness family!”

Monica – Home Cleaning Technician

“Hi I’m Monica!”