Our Story

Hi there!

My name is Martin Jongejan, founder and owner of ZOOM! Home Cleaning Experts, The Company That Cares.

ZOOM! was conceived in the fall of 2010, two years after a serious motorcycle accident had left me with significant injuries, and an extended recovery period made it difficult to return to my profession as a photographer and designer.

Life circumstances were in a seemingly inexorable decline at the time, and as I watched the dying embers of my business fade to almost nothing, I searched for opportunities to turn my fortunes around.

Flat broke and deeply in debt, I was living in a rooming house and almost everything I owned fit in my 1999 Ford Taurus.

It was during this time I was struck by the idea of home cleaning. Through my my research I became increasingly excited not only about the business potential, but the prospect of being able have a greater impact on my community. To accomplish this, I determined to create a business centered around three core objectives:

1. Create happy team members who feel appreciated and enjoy their work, who will in turn…

2. …create happy customers who feel they matter and are cared for, which enables us to…

3. …give back in a practical, meaningful way to people in our community.

 I reasoned that if ZOOM! was passionate about these three fundamentals, we just might have a viable business on our hands… and that if they were reflected in everything we did, business growth would take care of itself.

I borrowed money from a friend, bought a mop, bucket and vacuum cleaner and started attending local business networking meetings trying to land my first gig. I would show up at a prospect’s home in a suit and tie to conduct a walkthrough and estimate, and then return the next day in a t-shirt to do the cleaning. I completed my very first home clean in May, 2011. And we still clean for some of those very first customers!

From the experiences gained through my early endeavours came systems and procedures – through trial and error – designed to improve the efficiency, and more importantly consistency, of each clean. Building ZOOM! has been, and continues to be, a work in progress as we strive to clean better, care more, and positively impact the communities in which we operate. All from the bottom of a bucket!

Today we have a wonderful crew of two dozen dynamic ladies and have cleaned hundreds of homes in Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Aldergrove and beyond. We were nominated as Best of the Best in the Home Cleaning business category in 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021 have been designated one of the top 3 cleaning services in Langely for the last several years by Three Best Rated®, and we have entertained our very first franchise request.

Beyond our early successes, one of the greatest gifts I have received from this business is the opportunity to be a force for good in our neighbourhood by providing quality care for our customers, well-paid work for our fabulous crew, and by offering free home cleaning services for families in need in our community.

We want to continue to put people before profits, gratitude before growth, and live up to our motto, “The Company That Cares“. With the ongoing support of our customers, we’d like to serve and grow to become the home cleaners of choice for the residents of Langley, Surrey and White Rock.