10 Things You Can Do To Get The Most Out Of Our Service.

1. Ensure we have access to your home. If we don’t hold your key, please let us know if there has been a change to your schedule and you won’t be around to let our team in. With enough notice we can make alternate arrangements.

2. Please be clear about what you want done. We really want to meet or exceed your expectations. If there is something you would like us to clean that does not appear on our checklist, please be sure to call our office and we will make a note of it on your profile.

3. Advise us of special surface instructions. We have many surfaces to deal with: granite, slate, ceramic, tile, melamine, hardwood, slate, marble, stainless steel, glass, paint. We aim to come equipped to address most household surfaces, but it is impossible to keep up with the latest manufacturer recommendations on everything. If there is something in your home that requires a particular cleaner or treatment, please advise us in advance.

4. Declutter. We are happy to pick up items left around your home – clothes, toys, etc. – but it can eat up a lot of the time that we spend doing what you pay us to do… clean, which can result in less cleaning being conducted in your home.

5. Empty the kitchen sink. We need to use it to clean your kitchen. If it’s full of dishes, we are happy to load them in the dishwasher… assuming the dishwasher is empty. A kitchen sink or counter full of dishes combined with a full dishwasher can result in a less-than-clean kitchen.

6. Tidy your bathroom vanity. Often the counter top is strewn with toiletries and make-up. Having to shuffle dozens of small containers around in order to thoroughly clean the vanity and sink can significantly impact the amount of time required to clean your bathroom.

7. Mind your pets. While we are very comfortable working around friendly furry friends, some pets are not comfortable being around us… particularly when we vacuum. If your animal companion is nervous by nature, please ensure they are crated or sequestered in a part of the home where we won’t trouble them.

8. Relax. There is no need to stress yourself unnecessarily because you’ve had a rough week and your home is in worse shape than usual. There is no need to clean before the team arrives… that’s our job! The reason we are there is to reduce the stress in your life, not increase it. Breathe. We are grateful for the work, and we promise we will not judge you.

9. Complain! We LOVE to hear from you, ESPECIALLY when there is something you aren’t happy about something regarding our service. Your complaint is the ONLY resource we have to improve what we do for you. Rest assured, we NEVER punish, berate or penalize our team members.

10. Small demonstrations of kindness mean to world to us. An occasional tip doesn’t have to be cash. A gift card, home made cookies or a thoughtful note are wonderful. Appreciation will only make us work harder for you!