10 Secrets Most Cleaning Companies Won’t Tell You:

1. Labour is the greatest cost to a cleaning company, and companies will do everything they can to minimize that cost. This can mean hiring the cheapest labour they can find, or cutting corners to save labour on a quoted clean.

Cheap labour typically translates into low-quality staff and high staff turn-over. At ZOOM! we recognize that our staff are the foundation of our success, and choose to invest in quality people of good character who love to clean.

2. Most cleaning companies engage in little or no staff training. Some will even send a new staff member to clean a house on their own for the very first time.

ZOOM! has established systems that encompass every facet of our business… from what kind of cloths we use on a particular surface, to how we dust a shelf. Our staff are tested on their competence in our systems before they ever step in your home. And training and evaluation continues throughout the duration of their employment.

3. Many house cleaners, particularly those that charge cheap rates, are not covered by WCB. As a homeowner, you could be held financially responsible if a cleaner should injure themselves while cleaning your home, and claim against your home insurance policy.

Not only are all ZOOM! employees are covered by WCB insurance, we also carry 2 million dollars of liability insurance to protect your property.

4. The high turnover of staff in most cleaning companies means you might end up with a different cleaner in your home each time.

Because we treat our staff well and pay them a fair wage, staff turnover at ZOOM! is low, so our team members get to know you, your home and your needs very well, and there is opportunity for trust to develop.

5. Home cleaning companies will charge you the same rate, even if the cleaners complete the job in less time.

If our ZOOM! cleaning team is able to complete the job to your expectations in less time than we quoted, your invoice will be reduced accordingly.

6. Many people start a home cleaning business to make a quick dollar with minimum training and start-up costs.

ZOOM! is committed to making a difference in the communities in which we live. We offer up our talented ladies every month, through our Share the Care™ program, to clean the house of a Langley, Surrey or White Rock family in need, for free.

7. Many home cleaning companies will subcontract work to other cleaning companies when they get busy.

ZOOM! will never send a home cleaner to your home who isn’t a trained, bonded, insured ZOOM! employee.

8. “Satisfaction Guaranteed” often involves a discount on your next clean, if you are inclined to book with the same company again.

The ZOOM! Guarantee means that we’ll come back and fix any deficiencies, pronto. Whether you book with us again, or not (but seriously, please come back!).

9. Most cleaning companies won’t provide you with a checklist of the specific tasks they will be performing in your home.

We live by our ZOOM! checklist. We quote your home by checklist, provide you with a copy of the checklist, and give the team members responsible for you home the checklist. This way we manage expectations, deliver what we promise, and you know exactly what you are paying for.

10. You may be asked to sign a contract or service agreement.

At ZOOM!, there are no contracts to sign; we strive to earn your business with every visit.